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1940 Born in Tendo Honami-cho, Fukuoka.
Started Judo at the age of 13 and acquired the Kodokan 4th dan.
1962 Graduated from Meiji University.
1963 Uchideshi (apprenticed) to Master Ueshiba, the Aikido founder. Later on, acquired the 8th dan.
1969 Started his own dojo "Shimizu Dojo".
1975 Renamed as Tendokan.
1978 Invited to Germany (former West Germany) since then, visits there every yearto teach Aikido.
Later also visits Slovenia, Holland, Belgium, Austria and France.
1982 Set up of Tendoryu Aikido and established Tendokan in Sangenjana as the headquarters.
1994 Seperation from the All Aikido Federation of Germany and establishment as a stand alone organization, the Tendoryu Aikido Germany. 25th anniversary party was held at Meiji Kinen Kan.

Shimizu Sensei & Ueshiba Morihei master (1965-5)
waza01.jpg ("AIKIDO tendo")
("AIKIDO tendo") waza02.jpg

Shimizu-Sensei receives the Foreign Minister Award

His long global promotion of Aikido effort has been the main reason for theForeign Minister Award in 2002. This Award is given to people who helped facilitate better relationship between Japan and foreign countries. Shimizu-Sensei 's introduced Aikido to various countries including Germany, Holland, Belgium and many other for 24 years (since 1978).This has contributed to Japan's cultural exchange and was the decisive factor in receiving this award. Especially every year in Germany, he holds Aikido summer camps with students from all over Europe.
The awarding ceremony was held at the consular facility of the Foreign Ministry on July 16th, 2002. Others who received the same award also participated in the ceremony.
At the ceremony, Kawaguchi Foreign Minister gave a speech:'In this time changes in the international environment and Japan's position in the global community and also the dependency between countries are growing into important issues. Under those circumstances, people here today have been playing a big role to consolidate friendly relations between Japanand other countries Their efforts are greatly appreciated and should be supported by theJapanese public.'
This Foreign Minister Award marks its 18th anniversary this year and the 9th one was given to Mr. Akashi, the director of secretariat of UN. Among cultural aspects awardees Shimizu-sensei is the first Aikido and Budo artist to receive this award.

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