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Kenji Shimizu

Shimizu Sensei

To applicants of TENDOKAN
 When thinking of the time when I worked for Morihei Ueshiba (founder of Aikido), one of his basic rules always comes to mind: "Power is limited,Ki is limitless (Ki - energy to support the body, power fundamental to all activity). Strive to cultivate your Ki." He always stressed that the will controls the body.
 Aikido is an important part of Japanese culture and should be respected. Aikido has a history of over five hundred years and during this time has not changed into a competitive sport, but has remained a martial art (budo), which concentrates on cultivating your inner strength. It doesn't matter if you are coodinated or not, through perseverence and regular practice you are able to enhance your physical wellbeing and Ki. Aikido can be considered to be a careful distillation of the essence of many types of martial arts, in addition, the knowledge of anatomy of the human body has been taken into account. There are many movements in Aikido techniques that evade opponents' attacks through utilizing a circular whirling motion. Independent from the size of the opponent's body or physical strength, Aikido enables you to control stronger forces with minimum effort. Even though there are differences in duration, frequency and level of practice of our students, everyone is determined to improve themselves and reach a higher level of Aikido. By using time in this way we not only enhance our physical wellbeing but we are able to improve our inner strength and our mental wellbeing.

Fees and Dues

Entrance fee for all members : ¥10,000
Dues General Class  Adults : ¥13,000
 University students : ¥10,000
 Junior & senior high school students : ¥9,000
Junior Class  Ages : 5-12 : ¥8,000


To register a prospective member is required to fill out an application,which may either be signed or stamped with a personal seal, and to submit at that time two photographs (3.5cm × 2.8cm. in size). Payment of the entrance fee and the dues for the first month are also required to be paid at that time.

Uniforms (Dogi and Hakama)

If the prospective member does not have his own dogi and hakama, these can be ordered. In the meantime, Tendokan has uniforms that can be borrowed and used for practices.

2-13-15, Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0004 Japan
TEL:+81-3-3413-1239  E-Mail: honbu@aiki-tendo.jp


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